Writing How I see it

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Writing how I see it

Never be embarrassed for sharing your heart, as this is what we are meant to do. For when we deny ourselves this luxury we deny our essence, and the need it has to express itself. It is my belief this can become toxic, so much so that we may even become ill from the lack of it.

This is why writing is so important to me, as I can express parts of myself, all throughout my work. It is not important that others understand this concept, or even become privy to how much I do expose myself to the reader. It is all right there in front of them, if they choose to see it.

Most however, see what they need to see as they are viewing it through their own familiarities, so they do not even understand that it is my experiences bringing them to this place. None of this matters. All that does is they sense an impression, and are experiencing something that makes them feel. And as a writer this is my gift to them, as the reader and I exchange an energy that compels us to each other, an end to a means one might say.

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