What Darkness Lay Within / fiction novel, sci-fi thriller

Published 8/10/2012

What Darkness Lay Within is a multidimensional mind bending thriller, providing an outlet for the reader to explore several twists within the plot. The main character is named Liam, deeply bereaved after the loss of his beloved aunt. He returns to his childhood home only to find secrets, mystery, and intrigue awaiting him there. As he is faced with a future he could not have imagined.

Liam is thrust from the comfort of his mundane life into a world of secrets, betrayal and murder. The out stretching darkness reveals to him a frightening and twisted labyrinth in which love and unity come face to face with unspeakable evil.

When what appears to be an otherworldly possession takes hold, Liam and a group of familiar strangers are left to decipher the encoded history of the strange house, his beloved aunt and even his own childhood.

“Once the pages of The Darkness Lay Within enshroud you, you become entranced in a bizarre plot and the journey you experience will leave you mystified.”


The Bed and Breakfast / fiction novel, romance, mystery

Published 10/28/2010

There is an enchanting Inn, you will find in the state of  Vermont, one that will fill your days with fine company and delectable food delights. You will experience romance abounding as you walk the halls of this captivating Bed and Breakfast. The owner being a chef knows how to wow his guests with his gastronomical delights. There is also a friendly, playful, spirit who dwells here, he will do you no harm. However one day the Inn has a new lovely guest, one that seems to awaken a not so friendly spirit. Won’t you join the others to find what you might uncover here at the Discovery Inn, and the mystery that she holds within.


Beyond the Zone of Comprehension / fiction, flash fiction, sci-fi and short stories

Published 10/04/2012

This fiction book is a compilation of short science fiction and ghostly tales. I have always had an ever searching mind for all things unexplainable. The subtle humor which fuses within the pages of the stories that are told, create an even more appealing tale for those so inclined towards this type of storyline. Each tale will bring you to a level of curiosity as the story unveils its conclusion, which as far as I am concerned is merely an illusion


Doorway to Anywhere / Children’s Book, fiction

Published 09/03/2012

The story of Doralee stems from a variety of struggles a child might have while growing up. Especially if they have a vivid imagination, as she does. This story depicts just how vivid it can be. She struggles with school, and staying on task, since she has a tendency to day dream. Then she has to deal with the teachers frustrations because of this.

Through these struggles she learned skills unattainable in a formal school setting. In the story Doralee learns, perhaps there is a chance through her understanding of what could be, she might convey these ideas to others. This delightful children’s story will remind you what it is like to reenter your own childlike imagination,  who knows you might even recognize yourself in her vibrant world.


Beyond the Zone of Certainty/Fiction/Scif-fi and short stories

Published 03/17/2014

This publication is the second volume in the Beyond series. It is as its predecessor a compilation of short fiction otherworldly stories. In this volume you will find some apocalyptic tales as well as alien stories and simply the odd and unusual. Hope you enjoy my tales of the strange and extraordinary.

The Sojourn

Published January 10,2016

There is one solitary traveler, never to have companionship. His world is a lonely existence, but on his vacation… life and joy abound. Join him, while he travels to fascinating, exciting places and meets various people who cross his mysterious path and you will discover their intertwining destinies.