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My name is T.Wrage,

I was born, on Long Island New York.

Writing is something that has always been a part of my adult life, as keeping journals and writing lighthearted short stories of my experiences have been on going.

 The first fiction novel I completed, What Darkness Lay Within, which is a suspense,thriller, sci-fi novel; was originally started in the nineteen-nineties but never completed until June of 2012.

In Sept. 2011, my life abruptly changed. This drastic transition, caused me to contemplate the direction for future writings, it was at that time the book writing commenced.

My second release was the book, Beyond the Zone of Comprehension, which is a compilation of short chiller stories, and flash fiction within one book. This book is going to be an ongoing series. You can find it both on Kindle Books and Paperback through Amazon.com, the link to all my books can be found here at twrage.com.

 I have also released a children’s book, ‘Doorway to Anywhere’. This is a fiction story about a little girl named Doralee. Doralee is a child with a vivid imagination, because of this she easily gets swept away on a sea of fascinating thoughts. Her teachers are at a loss of how to deal with her. She does not get discouraged by them; she only hopes somehow they too can find their own doorway to anywhere. During the story you will be taken on adventures through this delightful girls captivating imagination.

My next fiction novel is about a Bed and Breakfast, this one is more romantic in nature but it does involve some ghostly spirits which inhabit the Inn, and the mystery that has been buried for more than a hundred years. Their are many interesting characters in the story, some you might even identify with. All of them you will enjoy.

I have just released the second volume in the Beyond series the name of which is, Beyond the Zone of Certainty. This is a compilation of short stories that are sci-fi in nature and avant-garde. You will not be disappointed with these stories, let them sweep you away to the odd and unusual. You can find it both in Kindle or paperback.

I also have a Novelette called, The Sojourn. This is a fiction which entails a long over due vacation for an unlikely solitary traveler.

 I have a book, soon to be released, a fantasy, fiction novel, called Иoiznemid. This story takes you on a journey that is interdimensional, and you will meet many fascinating characters along your way. You can expect a variety of intriguing undertones within this complex tale.

I write various articles and columns for newspapers and blogs, along with a variety of short stories, both humorous in nature and biographical. I find inspiration for my writing any place I venture to, both in life and my lively imagination.