Fiction, thriller

By T.Wrage


The woods near where I live have always been a source of tittle-tattle for those who live nearby. I, being of sound mind choose to ignore these senseless rambling’s. I mean anyone who regards this prattle as anything other than preposterous, must be out of their gourd.

Now with yet another Halloween approaching, the locals are all going loco with their haunted stories of these woods, these innocent woods. I do not know how I have managed to live here my whole life and put up with all these goings-on during this Halloween season.

I enjoy the woods, I like walking through them, breathing in the crisp fall air, which is always musty from the dying leaves that have fallen to the ground. I do not see what all the fuss is about, these are just trees. Grant it they are vibrant and quite beautiful. Especially now as they slowly become naked, revealing their truest form, their… skeleton. Why you can almost make out every detail of each gorgeous branch, through the colored falling leaves.

I shall spend this Halloween as I have every Halloween, strolling through the ‘hearsay’ haunted forest. I find people to be rather tiresome with their limited capabilities of thought. I have been walking through these woods on many occasions and nothing has ever happened to me. People are just far too fearful for their own good.

Well, there is a full moon tonight so I will be able to see the skeletons in all their glory, that at least is one thing. I have always found the true form of the skeleton to be the finest, indubitably, the finest works of art, as nothing can be hidden from view. I wonder how many others will attempt to venture into these woods… my woods. I do hope there will be a few anyway, there usually are at least one or two.

Gazing around I find the perfect spot to relax while I wait… wait for some… curious someone. There are always those who cannot resist the temptation to seek out these shadowy woods on this ‘All Hallows eve.’ I quickly take out my provisions which I need for this evening’s festivities. I have my favorite satchel filled with everything I might require tonight.

Ah, I hear someone approaching, hmm looks like two teenagers this should make for an interesting evening. I waste no time as I go right to my work; they are no match for my cunningness and strength. I take them down without a sound, oh, I made a rhyme, I am so talented in more ways than one. Through the years I have gotten very good at this, and my speed has improved too.

I have no problem stringing them up from this bold branch on this sturdy oak tree. It really is not difficult when you are such a good shot as I am with my bow and arrows. Why I dare say they did not even sense them coming. Since they are silent as the grave no one can hear them… and I never miss.

Now that is truly a beautiful sight to behold, as I have stated nothing is as glorious as the naked skeleton, and all that it reveals, as these two prove my point perfectly. Last year’s find was not nearly as breathtaking as these two teens. It is a skill… yes… it is even a gifted skill I have when it comes to removing all that flesh from their bones. The fat ones are actually somewhat easier, as the flesh peels off the bone like butter. Well it does when you are as talented as I am with my sharpened blades.

These two, were pretty lean but I think I did alright. Now I shall gaze at them for a while longer and of course I must take pictures of my trophies before I go. I cannot linger too long though, just in case another should decide to walk through these magnificent woods, which display the loveliest skeletons, and now thanks to me, the most perfect ones of all.

Well, that is all for this year’s celebration, there is always next year… hmm, for that matter what about Thanksgiving, people like to walk in the woods then too!