The Children

E Rated

A Halloween Tale / fiction, children’s story

By T.Wrage


It was a chilly rainy day; you could sense the onset of fall. It was October and Halloween was right around the corner. The Grandma, this is what I will refer to her as this is what the children called her. The Grandma was making ready for that big day in which the ghosts and goblins came out to play. She began to collect apples from her apple tree. Her tree always full of the reddest, plumpest apples you have ever seen, why you might think there was magic afoot, who knows maybe there was.

Once she had a basket full, she went into her kitchen and began to melt her soft luscious caramels; these were always homemade, never from a package as that would not do for the Grandma. She placed a stick upon each and every apple, then dipped them with care into the melted caramel. Placing them onto the baking sheet lined with butter to cool them, she smiled a smile that could melt a glacier, as she was quite pleased.

Now the Grandma was ready for the children, those children she so adored and only wanted to please. She felt giddy with joy as she went through the house decorating each and every corner with witches, goblins, vampires and ghosts, once all was in place the Grandma walked through her home admiring her decorating skills, knowing full well the children would be pleased with her endeavors.

She heard a knock at her door, she found this odd as it was far too early for any trick-or-treaters after all Halloween was not until tomorrow. The Grandma grabbed one of her luscious caramel apples and opened the door, only to reveal standing on her front porch, was a little man. He had big ears and a long nose, his eyes were set far apart, but they were gentle, “why he looks like a cartoon,” she thought to herself. What ever could he want, so she asked him as she graciously handed him one of those apples oozing in the goodness which she created within her kitchen.” What can I do for you today little man?”

His eyes bulged with glee as he took hold of the apple, he took a huge bite out of it and smiled with delight, he chewed and chewed and ate until it was all gone. He looked at the Grandma thanking her for such a delicious treat. He spoke saying.

“It is not what you can do for me; it is what I can do for you.” He said this with all the conviction of a preacher who knew the only pathway to heaven. The Grandma gazed at him raising her brow with a questioning expression as she said. “Well then get to it as I am quite busy preparing for the Halloween celebration.”

“I have something special for you on this fine pre-Halloween day; you were so kind to allow me to experience that wonderful concoction you placed over the fine fruit. I would like to give you a gift in return.” and with that said he placed his hand out and handed her a small bag, it looked to her to be filled with salt.

She asked, “Why have you given me this small bag of salt?” This little man which stood before her answered saying, “This is no ordinary salt my good woman, this is special, for whatever you place it on will change to gold. Be wary, this state will not last, it is temporary, so use it with care.”

The Grandma took the bag and bid him a good day, he turned and walked away whistling as he slipped into midair and disappeared. She blinked and blinked, had she just seen this little fellow drift off into nothingness? Yes it looks like she had, holding the bag she went inside and placed it in the cupboard. She had no idea what purpose such magic could ever be of use to her.

The next day she was ready for all the children she just knew would come to her house for that special caramel apple, only she had the recipe for. There was a knock at her door, she dashed to grab an apple and raced to the front door to present this grand treasure to whoever awaited on the other side.

She was startled to see a rather hideous creature-type man standing before her. He was short and stout had hardly any hair atop of his head, he had huge ears and an enormous mouth with very large teeth that went this way and that way. His neck was large, round and short. He had an odor which rose from him that was most foul.

She held her nose as she hesitantly handed him one of her special apples. He took the apple and threw it down upon the ground. He growled while he did so, making a clear statement of his intention, to rid the town of all the obnoxious children, he went on to say that children have no place in a town he was now claiming for himself. She could tell by his demeanor he meant every word that spewed from his lips. She winced as she ran into her home to the cupboard where the exceptional salt did lay. Grabbing the bag she ran outside to where this foul creature was dancing about on her front porch while screeching obscenities.

The Grandma had, had quite enough of this stench filled creature, the children were about to arrive and nothing would spoil this night for them, especially this vulgar, stinking, doodyhead. She opened the bag and threw the salt right on him. He at once turned into a statue of pure gold. As he sparkled in the moonlight, he looked to be the most impressive Halloween statue anyone had ever seen.

The children began to arrive in droves they giggled with glee as they gazed on this fine Halloween statue, taking those wonderful apples that the Grandma made with all the love she had for each and every child in the town. Not one child missed getting their apple that year and not one child missed gazing upon the golden creature. It was truly a magical night for all who were privileged enough to encounter, the Grandma and her special apples.

The foul smelling creature stayed encased in gold until the next full moon. Once he came back to his usual, old stinky self he never bothered the Grandma or the children of the town again.