Fiction, thriller

By T.Wrage

No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to find balance in my life. I knew from all my education this was the key to true happiness. But for some reason it seemed unattainable to me. I, not being a religious man, learned long ago if I wanted to create a productive life I only had to work at it. And balance was the key to the doorway to success.

Now I am accomplished and a prosperous man in my chosen field. But again my life has remained unbalanced no matter how I work towards equalizing my nature. I cannot seem to help myself, as my desire for beautiful objects consumes me.

I started my collection several years ago. Since then, it has grown tenfold. Now I am running out of room, and I need to reevaluate my yearnings, and work at equalizing this ever growing area in my life.

Then I see yet another one, and I just have to have it. Take that one for instance, she is a brunette, and I admit I have a weakness where brunet’s are concerned. But there she is none the less just waiting to be plucked and added to my flourishing collection. What’s a man to do?… hmm…

I know, I should try and control myself but I cannot, so I guess until I learn to stabilize these needs I have, I will just have to give in and yes, take what I wish. She should not be a difficult one, why it’s obvious that she is longing to join my collection of pretties.

Maybe tomorrow I will learn to balance my desires along with my, other aspirations. For now though, I will take her. She can join the others in my basement, and I will relish gazing at the entire collection. Yes, achieving balance will have to wait, for another day.