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    Andrea Reed February 9, 2018

    Dear T. Wrage: I'm sorry that Kindle Scout didn't select ИOIZNEMID. I voted for it. You said in your Thank-you note that you look forward to hearing any feedback I might have. My take is that It seemed written at a children's level. It's a Once Upon A Time kind of story. Since it's meant for adults (and it didn't have a Young Adult protagonist of the right age) shouldn't you raise the language level? It could also use cutting. Anything that doesn't speed the plot should be pruned away. Will you be publishing ИOIZNEMID, independently? You can make the Kindle Scout system work for you even though they didn't have the good taste to pick your book. Just arrange a free period (say five days), then, once it's live (Check first, since there are sometimes glitches—), tell KS that it's available. KS will inform the voters (although some authors have reported delays of up to several days—), who will hopefully click on the link, see it's free, and grab it. Not only is this a nice way to thank the voters for doing what they could to get ИOIZNEMID, chosen (After all, it isn't THEIR fault that KS has dubious taste—), but it also gets "verified purchase" ARCs into the hands of those most likely to rate ИOIZNEMID, highly. If you give me a heads-up, I'll be happy to tweet about the free period to my Twitter-followers, in case they overlook the Kindle Scout email. KS says it will give authors whose books make their shortlist individualized critiques through February: Editorial Feedback Now Available Until 28 February We have decided to extend our offer of personalized editorial feedback for all shortlisted manuscripts until 28 February 2018! Would you be kind enough to share with me what Kindle Scout sends you? As a freelance copyeditor/proofreader, I have a professional interest in knowing what goes on in what passes for minds at Kindle Scout when they make their puzzling decisions. Did you know that if someone reworks their manuscript, they can resubmit it for another campaign, with (if desired) a new title/cover/one-liner/blurb? You could see what Kindle Scout says, and make changes accordingly. Then you could try for another bite at the apple. What are you working on next? Will it be on Kindle Scout soon?