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As a writer, I am always doing research for my books as well as marketing my work. Since I am for the most part self published, this has been a challenge to say the least. One of the main issues many writers underestimate, is not having designed an outstanding book cover, and understanding the importance of them.There have been surveys done to clarify this as an essential issue since writers attempt to cut corners. If you are a writer, and you are self published, you know what I am interjecting is true.

Every writer struggles to get his work recognized. After all isn’t that one reason why we write in the first place, to find a way to be heard and understood. So if I may be so bold as to offer a small piece of advice from my own experience; do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking cutting corners where your book cover is concerned is a good idea. You should look at it like a window into the wonderment that lay within the pages, and the cover holds the key to attract a reader. The cover should reflect your hard work, all those carefully selected words that created your book in the first place.

I was very fortunate to find a fabulous working team at the Mirabile Group. There they understood my dream and made it strikingly  visual for all to see.


Check out the Marvelous Mirabile Group that did my outstanding book covers! See what they might do for you.

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