February 3, 2014 0 min to read

Иoiznemid in the works

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Иoiznemid is up for a publishing contract, I will keep you posted as to further details, the launch begins December 28, 2017. This book has been five years in the making, and worth every minute of energy I put into it. This is a reader nomination campaign so I will need your vote to get Иoiznemid published.



I am nearing the finish line, as the book Иoiznemid  is near completion. This however does not mean it is ready for print, I should say not. There is so much to be done before you will be able to read it. This is a very exciting time in the process and I do enjoy what is to come. The creating and writing of the story for this fantasy, sci-fi, fiction novel, are only part of this progression. Now once the manuscript is complete there are an extended amount of necessary steps before publication can take place. I will keep you informed on how things develop so stay tuned.

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